The Topaz Family

Over these past few months, we noticed a surge in popularity of the swiss blue topaz, and it seems it has become the stone of the summer!
Topaz is a very popular choice of gemstone as it can be found in a variety of beautiful colours and also has a more budget friendly price tag. Often known as ‘the birthstone of the sun’, November’s infamous birthstone is thought to have absorbed its vibrant colours from the sun.


Imperial Topaz: 

Boasting the reds, pinks and oranges from an incredible sunset, the imperial topaz is one of the world’s rarest gemstones. It’s so rare that back in the 19th century, the imperial topaz was only owned by the Russian royal family.


Mystic Topaz: 

First seen in 1998, the mystic topaz is definitely the most mysterious of the family! This natural stone is enhanced with different coating treatments to create its famous rainbow shimmer. “The process typically involves coating a natural, colourless topaz stone with titanium using a technique called chemical vapours disposition (CVD). The titanium coating is extremely thin and  is usually applied to the stone’s pavilion. When the stone is tilted at certain angles, it shows off rainbow colours which change depending on the angle it’s viewed in.” Due to this, every mystic topaz varies in colour making each stone entirely unique.


Azotic Topaz: 

Boasting a stunning orange-pink colour, the azotic topaz is a colour treated version of a naturally colourless topaz. Enhanced with a very thin metallic layer of film deposition, this coating helps to reflect light to create various different colours within the gemstone. Along with its durability and longevity, it’s these gorgeous colours and patterns present that give the azotic topaz its popularity.


White Topaz: 

A popular diamond simulant ( an alternative to diamond), this naturally clear gemstone is believed to instil clarity and confidence to those who wear it. As a semi precious stone, a white topaz is a less expensive option than many other gems available on the market.


Naturally Blue Topaz: 

The rarest of the topaz family, blue topaz can very rarely be found naturally. The rarity of this popular gemstone means that the majority of blue topaz stones available are heat treated in order to achieve the iconic vibrant look that topaz’s are so renowned for.


London Blue Topaz: 

Often confused with sapphires, this deep blue colour of topaz is famous for its deep and inky, rich blue colour which is achieved by a standardised radiation treatment.


Swiss Blue Topaz: 

Meaning calm, a swiss blue topaz is the most vivid of blues similar to a summer’s sky. Generally speaking, this gorgeous colour is achieved by a mixture of heat treatment and an electron beam process.