The Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Debate

With lab diamonds still taking the jewellery industry by storm, there is yet more debate on the appropriate uses for these man made gems. Unfortunately, there still seems to be some misinformation surrounding lab diamonds, so if you’re after the facts click here. Recent happenings have brought a new question to light and left many wondering about their suitability when used in engagement rings…
Earlier this year, De Beers launched a campaign in collaboration with Lightbox, “a small in-market test” selling a range of lab diamond engagement rings. Despite this, it appears that De Beers believes the lab grown gems to be inappropriate for use in engagement rings, largely due to the uncertainty surrounding their resale value. Engagement & wedding rings are often considered to be heirloom pieces of jewellery, with many wanting to pass down not only the luxury materials, but also the sentimental value of the ring to future generations. Ever since lab diamonds first came onto the market, there has been concern that the stones won’t stand the test of time from an investment perspective. The start of the Autumn season saw both companies deeming the lab diamond experiment “a failure” and even saw De Beers reintroduce it’s infamous “Diamonds are Forever” slogan – a continuation to promote their naturally formed diamonds.
This announcement from De Beers is hardly surprising but nonetheless, the rise of these guilt free gems has still been well received by many and we’ve even seen an increase in large businesses taking the plunge to invest in lab diamonds. Luxury giants such as Prada have introduced a new collection of fine lab grown diamond jewellery and are questioning what exactly goes into making something a ‘luxury’ material – a new concept that Prada’s jewellery director Timothy Iwata explains. “It’s actually pushing the boundaries of… the idea of luxury material. It’s not just about customising some existing material. We actually grow that material for the client.” And it’s not just Prada who are venturing into lab diamond sales, Icelandic jewellers Aurum by Guobjorg have also recently started introducing the alternative diamonds into their work. Renowned for their sustainability principles, this jewellery brand welcomes the use of the more environmentally friendly and conflict free gem.
Intriguingly enough, the current climate seems to complement a core selling point of lab diamonds, with the cost of living crisis pushing customers to be more open to alternative ideas to stay on top of their budget. Lab diamonds open up a world of possibilities which, before today, would have been impossible to achieve on a smaller budget.
For us here at Artisan, this is our favourite perk that the man made gems have to offer and it’s becoming increasingly clear that many designers are also enjoying the flexibility of design that the lab grown diamonds provide. We’re beginning to wonder if it’s time that customers can enjoy the art of jewellery design without the burden of creating a family heirloom…
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