Pearl Earrings Remodelled UK

Remodelling jewellery is the best way to breathe new life into any inherited or unloved pieces and although the majority of our remodelling commissions are rings, any piece of jewellery can be transformed into something new!
Remodelling can offer a lot of different possibilities and whilst many remodels involve impressive and dramatic changes, (like this ring transformation) it doesn’t always mean having to spend a lot of money. If you are wondering about the cost of remodelling, click here to have the price broken down. Sometimes less is more and just a few simple tweaks can completely transform an old or unloved piece which brings me on to one of our most recent remodelled pieces…



The story of this remodelling starts with these earrings…


Original Earrings:

Our lovely customer Hilary came into the workshop with this pair of pearl earrings. Originally the earrings were a part of a necklace that was given to her as a wedding gift but as this necklace was too long, she had it shortened to a more suitable length. This resulted in 4 pearls being removed from the necklace and these remaining pearls were then turned into the pair of drop earrings that are shown above. Despite these changes, Hilary found that she never gravitated towards these earrings & decided to have them remodelled.
The design process for this remodel was fairly straightforward as Hilary knew exactly what she wanted. The idea was to have the pearl earrings remodelled into two new pairs of earrings – one pair of stud earrings and also a pair of drop earrings.


Remodelled Pearl Stud Earrings:

To create these sweet little pearl earrings, the first step was to fill the pearls by adding a tiny silver wire cut and polished to be flush with the surface of the pearl and hide the hole. (These pearls were fully drilled, meaning that a hole ran directly through the centre of the pearl) They were then added to a traditional cup and post with butterfly fitting.


Drop Earrings with textured silver detailing:

This remodelled piece was inspired by a pair of earrings that we already had in our stock cabinets. This pair of earrings were made from sterling silver in a dish shape, complete with a scratch finish for some added contrast. We took these silver pieces and modified them by adding a little loop to the back. Then a small wire wrap was placed through the centre of the pearl and wired through the loop at the back of the silver earrings to create a secure fastening.
Remodelling jewellery is an investment that allows you to experiment with new ideas and designs, whilst honouring the sentiments behind those special pieces. If you are considering having your old jewellery pieces redesigned, book your free design consultation to visit the workshop and see how Justine & the team can work their magic on your jewellery!