Jewellery Remodelling Marlow

Wondering what to do with the jewellery you never wear anymore? Why not consider jewellery remodelling? Justine at Artisan Jewellery, just down the road from Marlow, can help! 

Put that old jewellery you no longer wear to good use by recycling it into something sparkly and new.  At Artisan Jewellery, we offer jewellery remodelling Marlow, using the metal and stones to create something totally different and very you.

Jewellery Remodelling Service

Justine remodels old jewellery to create something that complements your personal style. By working with you to understand your likes and dislikes, Justine will create a stunning design to make you feel truly unique each time you wear it.

What Our Customers Say

“Jewellery is such a personal thing but Justine managed to take it to a whole other level! After losing both my parents and having an amount of jewellery I wanted to do something special that would mean something to me, that I could wear and treasure. I took the jewellery to Justine and we discussed remodelling and my style and what I wanted to achieve, Justine amalgamated my parents' wedding and engagement rings into a beautiful ring incorporating the stones from the engagement ring and a pendant. I also wanted a bracelet and Justine noticed a card that had been written by my father to my mother 50 years ago, at this point it became emotional as Justine suggested I could have the message laser cut exactly as it was on the card on the back of the bracelet, my father's message of love to my mother on remodelled jewellery that I could wear and cherish! This journey has been an emotional roller coaster but Justine has been amazing and created the most beautiful pieces out of treasures that are styled to me that will become treasures in their own right. I really can’t thank Justine or recommend her highly enough.”

~ Mandy

Find Out More About Jewellery Remodelling Marlow

You’ll find Artisan Jewellery tucked away in the beautiful village of West Wycombe. Each piece of jewellery is carefully crafted by hand with great pride taken in delivering a unique piece to your exact specification. 

Need to know more about Jewellery Remodelling Marlow? Call us today on 01494 528397 for a chat about our jewellery remodelling services - you'll be pleased you did!

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"Justine made us the most stunning wedding rings for our big day. We received a personal service and excellent customer care from the off as she worked on designs and examples. Total professional with an excellent eye for detail!" - Jennifer Webb