12th October 2023

Pearl Earrings Remodelled UK

Remodelling jewellery is the best way to breathe new life into any inherited or unloved pieces and although the majority of our remodelling commissions are rings, any piece of jewellery can be transformed into something new! Remodelling can offer a […]
22nd February 2023

Can A Ring Be Remodelled?

Here at Artisan, we’re known for our remodelling service, and a question that many of our customers ask is: Can you make a new ring from an old ring? Yes, absolutely! Remodelling or redesigning jewellery is, to put it simply, […]
8th February 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel Jewellery in the UK?

Do you have old or inherited jewellery that you no longer like or wear?  Remodelling old jewellery is the perfect solution for keeping the sentimental value to your piece, whilst giving them a new lease of life and transforming them […]