7th December 2023

The Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Debate

With lab diamonds still taking the jewellery industry by storm, there is yet more debate on the appropriate uses for these man made gems. Unfortunately, there still seems to be some misinformation surrounding lab diamonds, so if you’re after the […]
12th October 2023

Pearl Earrings Remodelled UK

Remodelling jewellery is the best way to breathe new life into any inherited or unloved pieces and although the majority of our remodelling commissions are rings, any piece of jewellery can be transformed into something new! Remodelling can offer a […]
28th September 2023

Origins of the Eternity Ring with examples

An anniversary ring symbolises a milestone in a relationship and is traditionally given as a gift for a wedding anniversary and as a celebration of a commitment between two people. Anniversary rings can take many forms but there is a […]
14th September 2023

The Design Process of A Bespoke Signet Ring UK 

Signet rings, one of the most traditional forms of jewellery, have been popular from as early as 3500 BC. Originally, they were often used as a way to display a family crest or also as a way to stamp envelopes […]
10th August 2023

The Topaz Family

Over these past few months, we noticed a surge in popularity of the swiss blue topaz, and it seems it has become the stone of the summer! Topaz is a very popular choice of gemstone as it can be found […]
6th July 2023

The Lab Diamond Debate: Natural Diamonds & Lab Diamonds in the UK

It’s no secret that lab diamonds have caused a bit of a stir in the industry as of lately with the lab diamond vs natural diamonds debate, but exactly why is this? Let’s start with the basic facts…   Natural […]
22nd June 2023

The Best Jewellery Textures & Finishes with Examples

Throughout the pieces handmade here at Artisan, we love to incorporate texture and it’s fun to get creative with straying away from more traditional plain and flat surfaces. Whilst we love the elegance and simplicity of polished finished surfaces, texture […]
6th June 2023

A Guide To The Most Popular Setting Styles with Examples

There are always so many things to consider when designing or purchasing a ring, and one of the most crucial decisions is how you will set any stones that you choose for your commission piece. Like everything within the jewellery […]
16th May 2023

The 4’Cs Of Diamond Quality: A Detailed Guide

What Are The 4C’s of Diamond Quality?   Diamond quality is the measurement of how ‘pure’ a diamond is, rated against a set of certain characteristics known as the 4C’s. These infamous stones are one of the most popular choices […]