"My husband commissioned Justine to make my engagement ring as a surprise, knowing me and my style she suggested a radiant cut pink sapphire. That ring has been on my finger for over 3 and a half years and I can honestly say there is not a day that goes past where i don't admire how beautiful it is. No one else has a ring like it, it suits my character and personality perfectly. That is her talent, she will create something for you that is unique to you and when you wear that piece of jewellery, knowing that makes you feel very special. Of course she was the perfect choice to make me a necklace for my wedding day... again what she did was inspired.

When I saw the necklace I could never, ever have imagined how amazing it would be. I dont think I would even have realised something like that suited me but it did and it was perfect. I cannot recommend Justine enough, if you want something no one else has, something completely unique to you,and something you will treasure forever. I would look no further." - Aliex Yuill

"Let me tell you a story....early 2015 was a busy time. My wife and I had just moved house, after being settled for 20 years in one place, my eldest daughter had made an early success of her career and my youngest daughter was about to graduate. We have been lucky to afford most of the things that we want, so I found it a challenge to show my family how proud I was of them, and how much I appreciated their support in a special way, and just telling them didn't seem enough. I thought about special and unique being similar things, so decided that whatever "it" was, must be a one-off, and thought that jewrellry would be suitably small and long lasting. A pendent made sense, as it was flexible and could be worn in a variety of ways.

So I now knew what "it" was, and set about finding a jeweller to help me, but I thought it would be daft to just say I want something made, as I'm sure the answer would have been "OK .....what?" . On a basic computer I put down a few thoughts and a child like design. I wanted to show something of the family unit - a whole disc, which was made up of the three women in my life which make up the whole. I wanted to put some history into it, so a diamond tie pin that I had when my first daughter was  born 25 years ago would be broken down, and the 3 diamonds set in each part of the disc. We had all liked the epic stories of the Lord of the Rings and I wanted the idea of referring to a journey and the fellowship, and these connections needed to be reflected in the piece. Their individual names were engraved into each part, in "elvish" to add something exotic, and each piece was designed to be all different, but fit together perfectly.

I was then lucky enough to contact Justine, who helped me make the idea a reality. I visited the workshop,where we discussed what I wanted, and I also took inspiration from other pieces she had made, particularly the textile surface given to precious metal by rolling them together.  The ideas were kicked around between us, and I never felt that I lost control of what I wanted, but she was ensuring that it worked, and worked well. The first piece was cast in silver to allow us to see exactly what it would look like....it was perfect. The pieces were then cast in gold, and completed in good time for a date which combined my birthday, my wedding anniversary and the completion of the degree course. We met to eat together, and it was lovely to present my family their gifts, when it was traditionally the other way round. The icing on the cake was that I realised that I wasn't going to get anything out of this........, so I asked Justine to mount the gold from my tie pin onto the silver casting to produce a unique piece for me which represents a point in time but a whole life as well."  - Nigel Hill